Our name is a tribute to Thompsons Park, a very special and cheerful park in Canton, Cardiff in Wales. We have made the acquaintance of many lovely people there, spent countless happy hours and drew so much inspiration from this little piece of land. It truly is a magic place!

The best description of Thompsons Park goes back to Welsh author and journalist Howard Spring (~1900):
„From within the park gates came the sound of water tinkling into a pool, dripping from the upraised fingers of a little naked boy in bronze, and then of that sweet sound ceasing as the gardener turned off the fountain, and there was nothing but the warmth and quiet and mystery of a warm summer night...
I would slip alone into the park where the evening shades would be deepening […]. The park, altogether, became the symbol of another way of life. It was the place where lovely things happened and ‚peace came dropping slow‚.“