Unique Clothing for Your Little Ones – Handmade & Organic!

Welcome to my little collection of sustainable, handmade clothing for babies and toddlers!

Made with love and a love for detail all garments offer pure, natural and traditional designs providing your baby with functional, durable and high quality clothing. Exclusively made of either organic or pre-loved fabrics every single garment is made by hand in my little sewing studio in Cardiff. And before entering the collection the design has been tested and approved by a handful of toddlers of friends and family.

It all started with a box of fabrics stored in the attic and the idea of creating something new and giving this dusty treasure a second life. My designs therefore also pay tribute to the good old times when things still moved a bit slower and were built to last.

When taken care of our clothes can be handed down to siblings and friends and children and grandchildren to come!


Thompsons Organic is headed by me, Eni, a mum of two and an expert when it comes to handmade clothing. I have been making my own clothes ever since I was fourteen (… crazy. How did these 20 years of experience suddenly pop up?)

I don’t have a show room or a shop. But if you do want to meet us please come to Thompsons Park. We will probably be there somewhere, chasing ducks and blowing bubbles!


Or feel free to drop me a line: thompsonsorganic(at)gmail.com